2018 Plan

Hold one Action Meeting each month.

Our Action Meetings are where you can come if you either want to volunteer or simply learn more about the Utah Modern Whigh Party. We will be holding an Action Meeting once each month (excepting December), rotating between Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties. See the events page for details.

Grow our membership by word of mouth.

In preparation of our next party registration drive starting in November, we need to grow our membership ahead of time. Within the allowances of the Utah Code, we have recently changed our definition of membership for our party. All you have to do to become a member is sign up online at www.utahwhigs.org/become-a-member. We do not require you to mark your voter registration as affiliated with our party once it is registered, nor do we require you to unaffiliate with any other parties.

Our hope is that this definition of membership is more inclusive and does not require an uncomfortable commitment. Basically, if you are at all interested in seeing candidates the party produces, you should become a member!

With this more inclusive approach, please talk to your friends and family individually about becoming a member and follow up with them until they give you a yes or a no. We have found this to be by far the most effective way to grow our membership. People are more willing to listen to someone they know, and this approach gives them the chance to research and discuss the party platform.

We started a new online form and database for membership, so if you signed up for anything with us in2017 or earlier, we still need you to go to the membership page and sign up. Thank you for your help.

Collect donations for the petition drive starting in November.

Collect enough donations to hire a professional grassroots campaign organization to help with the next petition drive to become a party in Utah.

Hold outreach events for at least one college and one major community event.

Many people still don't know who the Whigs are, and college campuses and major community events are good additional venues for spreading the word. Considering our limited volunteer man-power at the moment, we will start out with one of each this year. We hope you will join us as a volunteer so that we have more feet on the ground to help us with reaching out to a greater number in the future!

Start a new petition drive in November to become a party in Utah!

Right now, with your help, we are spreading the word to our friends and family to increase our membership ahead of time. We are also planning to collect enough donations to hire a professional grassroots campaign organization to help gather signatures. This way, when November comes, we'll be able to hit the ground running to get the required signatures to become registered as a party in Utah!

We will need a minimum of 2,000 signatures. We will be allowed to start collecting them November 2018 and we need to turn them in by November 2019. This will allow us to put candidates on the ballot in 2020.