2019 Plan

Become a party in Utah by raising funds and collecting signatures.

You can be a part of this goal. There are three ways you can help us become a registered party in Utah:
  1. Donations. Donating is easy through our state website. Simply go to the Donate page. All donations here at the state level will go directly toward our efforts of getting the word out in Utah and getting registered as a party in this state.
  2. Collecting signatures. We plan to collect signatures by both hiring signature gatherers and relying on volunteers. The more we collect from volunteers the less we have to spend on professional signature gatherers. Please contact us if you are interested in helping.
  3. Becoming a member. Signing up online to become a member, and having your friends and family do the same, will streamline the process of reaching out to everyone to obtain signatures. You don't have to give up another political party in order to become a member of the Alliance Party of Utah. All are welcome! Visit the Become a Member page to sign up.

Hold action meetings every three months.

Everyone is invited to these meetings to find ways to volunteer or to simply learn more about the party. We post details for upcoming meetings on the Events page.

Table at a minimum of two events.

Many people still don't know about the Alliance Party, and college campuses and major community events are good additional venues for spreading the word. We had good success tabling in 2018 at the University of Utah and at the People's Day event at Liberty Park. This year, we plan to once again table at at least two events. We hope you will join us as a volunteer so that we have more feet on the ground to help us with reaching out to a greater number in the future!

Continue with the monthly newsletter and social media posts.

In 2018, we were able to get a newsletter out every single month and we significantly increased the frequency of getting out social media posts, and it has paid off. More people are engaging with us because of this, and we will continue to maintain an online presence in this way for 2019.

Build a new website in conjunction with the merge with the Alliance Party.

The new website will be located at ut.theallianceparty.com, and it will be incorporated into the national party's back end system. This will allow us to utilize the tools already provided by the national party to handle donations, track members, send out newsletters, and build a website. Look for the new site sometime in January of 2019.