Become a Member

Before we can put candidates on the ballot, we need to register in Utah as a political party. We need 2,000 members who pledge to sign the registration petition in order to do so.

Can I still join if I'm registered in another political party?
Yes. We don't use the government's voter registration to track or define membership. Simply signing up here online makes you a member, and you can belong to multiple parties.

What benefit is there to being a member?
Once we have enough members, we can be a registered party in Utah and put names on the ballot. It also gets you on the monthly newsletter email list, if you wish. It additionally enables you to volunteer and vote on decisions within the party, if you would like to get more involved.

When will we begin to circulate the registration petition?
Early in the year 2019. Let's spread the word now, so we have a large membership base by the time the petition comes around!