List of candidates

We do not yet have any candidates running for office. As we get candidates, they will be listed here.

Interested in running for office?

You don't have to wait until we're a registered party! Run as an independent while advertising your affiliation with the Alliance Party. This will get our name out more and, if you're elected, will allow people to see what difference the Alliance Party can make in government. If you'd like to run for office, please contact us.

Help us get ballot access!

Do you want to see Alliance Party candidates on the ballot? We need your help to get registered as a party in Utah and get ballot access. Here's how:

  • First, sign up online to become a member. You won't even have to change your affiliation on your voter registration!
  • Second, and more importantly, tell your friends and family! Follow through with them until they sign up online too! It's up to you to make this party grow.