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January 2018


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February 2018 Newsletter

Party Platform Call-Out

Gun Rights and Gun Control

Gun laws is a prime example of where Whigs do not take a simple or fashionable position on an issue. We have a member base across the entire spectrum of opinions on gun laws. However, this does not mean that we ignore the issue. We must continue to discuss and research this topic in a civil manner.

There are still certain stances that we take in congruence with other areas of our platform. Utah Whigs believe that:
  • The 2nd Amendment must be preserved. Law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms.
  • The CDC and a congressional study should be properly funded to adequately study the issue of gun violence. Conducting research does not equate to supporting measures in one direction or another. It helps us make informed decisions in the future, and in our party we believe in data-driven policies.
  • Politicians should be required to disclose where their donations come from. A Whig candidate or official should not take large sums of money from pro-gun or anti-gun lobby groups.

February Outreach

As a reminder, our goal is to get on the 2020 ballot by getting 2,000 signatures from all of you, our party members. The signature gathering begins in November, but we need people to sign up as members online at now! Perhaps you feel you can’t volunteer a lot. But if each of us just gets just two of our friends or family to sign up, and then they do the same, our movement will spread like wildfire!

Our national party is working toward getting a candidate for U.S. President in 2020, so if we can get on the ballot by then, everyone in Utah will see the option to vote a Whig into the White House!

The United Utah Party, formed just last year, has very similar values to ours. As we do not yet have candidates, we’ll be sharing some information about theirs in upcoming newsletters.

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