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November 2017


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November 2017 Newsletter

Party Platform Call-Out

Energy Independence and National Security

Energy and national security are tied together. Put simply, our nation cannot be secure as long as we cannot meet our energy needs with our own resources. Without self-sufficiency in energy production and supply, we are subject to the often turbulent winds of international military, political, and economic conflict.

Whigs believe we must:
  1. End our dependence on oil and develop alternative sources of energy (wind, solar, nuclear, etc.) in order to satisfy our needs without placing our economy and national security at risk.
  2. Move as quickly as possible so we also no longer have to support corrupt and autocratic regimes in order to obtain the fuel we need to power our economy.
  3. Be willing to use our current oil resources in the United States in the meantime, as we move toward renewable energies, to further cut dependence on fuel sources of other nations.
Specifically in Utah, the solar industry has been growing quickly. However, this is only possible if solar companies are able to fairly compete with Rocky Mountain Power, Utah’s power company. Rocky Mountain Power is practically an essential monopoly, as is usually the case with utilities. We believe it is appropriate and necessary for reasonable plans, such as net metering, to be in place to give solar companies the ability to compete while still fairly compensating Rocky Mountain Power.
November Outreach

As we continue to talk about the Whigs with family, friends, and co-workers, we are amazed at the overwhelmingly positive response and interest! But we can’t reach our goal of 2,000 members at the rate we are moving.

Right now, we have a stoic crew of 3 regular volunteers in Utah. We could reach people so much faster if we had more volunteers. Are you worried you won’t have enough time? We could use your help for whatever limited time you have. Please contact us if you have any interest at all in volunteering.

We are excited to support the Better Boundaries ballot initiative, which will create a non-partisan, advisory redistricting committee to help fight gerrymandering! We are helping collect signatures, so contact us if you’d like to sign. You can also find another way to sign or get more information at their website

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