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December 2018


Now the Alliance Party of Utah

December 2018 Newsletter

2019 Plan

At the end of each year, we like to share with you our accomplishments for the year and our plan for the upcoming year. As you can see from our announcement below, we are experiencing significant growth and advancement nationally! In Utah, we plan to continue that growth by growing our membership, working on electoral reform, and gaining ballot access so that we can run great candidates.

In 2018, we were able to get the word out about our party better than any previous year. We had a few great new individuals visit some of our action meetings. We held two table events during which dozens of people learned about us and showed great interest, several even signing up for our newsletter. We met with a representative of the Center for Election Science to establish a relationship. We also started a donation campaign to build funds for gathering signatures for ballot access. Finally, we increased our social media presence significantly.

In 2019, we plan to:
  • Become a party in Utah by raising funds and collecting signatures. You can be a part of this goal. Donating is easy through our state website.
  • Hold action meetings every three months. Everyone is invited to these meetings to find ways to volunteer or to simply learn more about the party.
  • Table at a minimum of two events.
  • Continue with the monthly newsletter and social media posts.
  • Build a new website in conjunction with the merge with the Alliance Party.
You can find more details about our 2019 plan on the website here.

Big News!

We are pleased to announce that the Utah Modern Whig Party is now a part of the Alliance Party! This new party is the culmination of a decades-long movement of successful state parties like us that have already won a seat at the political table here in Utah. We're made up of other parties and passionate individuals like you that align in philosophy and politics so that we can achieve on a national scale what we've been able to do in our communities.

We intend to return America to a leadership role on the world stage in ways that serve the American people. It's time for us to lead in all of the values that embody American ideas and provide the unique opportunities that are the American Dream.

Learn more about us at, where you can sign up to be a volunteer, run for office, and make a donation.

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