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July 2018


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July 2018 Newsletter

Party Platform Call-Out

National Security, Foreign Policy, and Veterans Affairs

As a patriotic party founded by American veterans, the Modern Whig Party is committed to a strong national defense. We believe America should act to defend its national interests multilaterally whenever possible, and unilaterally if necessary.

Whigs reject isolationism and favor:
  • Strong alliances with reliable partners who are willing to share the burden in the fight against our common enemies. The nature and faces of the threats to America have changed many times, and will undoubtedly change in the future, which requires flexibility in our foreign and defense policies. Whigs believe we should be a trusted friend to those who wish us well, and an implacable enemy to those who wish us harm.
  • A constructive foreign policy based on our natural principles of freedom and self-determination. We recognize the diversity and complexity of the world around us, and understand the need for a constantly evolving defense and diplomatic strategy. The first priority of our government is the defense of the nation; no expense and no effort should be spared in guaranteeing our security.
  • Adequate compensation for active duty service members, and access to the highest quality care and services through a well-funded Veterans Administration for those who have served. Adequate pay, pensions and support for both our active duty military personnel and our veterans is a matter of our national honor.

 July Outreach

Our lean crew of volunteers has made and continues to make a large impact. Last year, we created our website We gained over 100 followers on our Facebook page. We promoted our party in front of multiple libraries. We now have a newsletter sent out every month. We were invited to Salt Lake City’s KRCL 90.9 to talk about our party.

This year, we have set up a donation system on the website. We have an online membership form and have grown our membership to 27 and our newsletter subscription to 73. We have been reaching out to prominent Utah politicians about making approval voting a reality. We plan to have a booth at at least one community event and one college campus this year.

But we need so much more done. We need you to help us get the word out about our party. We need volunteers to work with us. You can meet us at the action meetings or contact us by email or phone. You can tell your friends and family to sign up on the website. You can donate through the website. With your help, we can gain ballot access and offer pragmatic candidates to the voters!

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