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May 2018


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May 2018 Newsletter

Party Platform Call-Out


Utah Whigs first and foremost believe in a free market to promote a good economy. In Utah, we have seen significant economic and population growth. The government’s duty in relation to this is to only introduce regulations where absolutely necessary to:
  • Protect workers’ rights.
  • Protect consumers’ rights.
  • Protect the rights of small and large businesses.
It is also the duty of the state government to provide a high-quality public education. This provides a more fair opportunity to everyone regardless of their initial circumstances and is by far the best way to stimulate the economy, by investing in the people.

Some areas of the economy, such as public transportation, Internet services, and utilities, are necessities for our overall community and by nature typically allow only one company to monopolize the industry. In these cases, the government should significantly regulate the industry, or provide the service themselves, or create an environment in which other companies can compete on a level playing field. Companies such as the Utah Transit Authority should not be receiving tax dollars while also enjoying autonomy in running the business. They should either be absorbed as a public service or stand on their own feet without the aid of Utah taxpayers.

The Utah Modern Whig Party also believes that the state and federal governments should be enforced to maintain a balanced budget.

 May Outreach

We have great news! Our donation system is now set up so that you can donate directly to the Utah Whigs!

Starting November 2018, we're collecting signatures to get registered as a party in Utah. But we can't do it without your help! Please help us reach our goal of raising $18,000 by donating.

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